Karma Cleanse Roller


Help let go of energetic blockages caused by our environment & our emotions with the Karma Cleanse essential oil roller.


Our Karma Cleanse blend is intended to help our body release toxic accumulation that can be acquired¬† from our environment & negative emotional states. The meridian (energy pathway) that stores this accumulation is called the “Dai Mai” or belt channel.¬†The Dai Mai channel or belt is located horizontally across the natural waist area. The symptoms may manifest as physical issues but are often rooted in the emotional and spiritual.

Physically it may manifest as chronic pelvic inflammation, chronic yeast infections and other feminine hygiene issues. Prostatitis, low libido and lower abdominal discomfort can all be linked to Dai Mai imbalances.

From an emotional and spiritual standpoint it may be unresolved issues or traumas that get suppressed into the Dai/belt region and are not easily accessed to be able to come to terms with. These trapped energetic blockages can be carried around for ages and are considered karmic in nature.

Apply to sides of waist at belly button level, to the tops of the wrists & the outside of the feet to help the body let go of deep rooted trauma & repressed stress from life/past life experiences.

10 ml

All Organic Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Sage Oil, Roman Chamomile Oil, Basil Oil

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