Luxe Bath Soak


Take the time to relax with our bath soaks. Made with four different salts to help your body relax and detox with the addition of coconut milk powder to leave your skin soft and smooth.



This soak is unscented which will give you the option to add any essential oils you desire or none at all and enjoy the subtle scent of the coconut milk powder.
Sea salt and salt baths can help your body relax, promote circulation, help detoxify and ease achy muscles.
In this soak we use 4 different salts and coconut milk powder.
Coconut Milk Powder – Give your bath a subtle scent of coconut and leave your skin soft and smooth.
Dead Sea Salt – The Dead Sea is the most saline body of water in the world with far greater concentrations of minerals than any ocean. Minerals such as, Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium and Potassium. Bromides and Iodine are also known to be present in Dead Sea Salt. These minerals will help your body relax, detox and soothe your body.
Himalayan Pink Salt – Known to be rich in over 80 minerals and trace elements this salt is considered the purest form of salt available. It will help relax and soothe your body.

Usage: Add 4-5 tablespoons or desired amount into running bath water.

Pro Tip: Keep a bottle of water close by to keep yourself hydrated as salts can be detoxifying

700 g

Ingredients: Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts), Coconut Milk Powder, Sodium Chloride (Himalayan Pink Salt), Sodium Chloride (Grey Sea Salt), Magnesium Chloride (and) Potassium Chloride (and) Sodium Chloride (and) Calcium Chloride (Dead Sea Salt)

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